Chips Meeting

1:00 P.M. November 18, 2000, Collier Library

by Dick Kostelnicek - Secretary

Attendance 31, with no visitors.

D. Cranston - Vice President presiding

In the Chips meeting the following activities took place:

Alan May distributed CDs of the members' handbook..

Stewart Murphy agreed to look for a new meeting place with facilities more suited to the club's needs.

Ronald Blair led a discussion about what it would take to put on a club-sponsored event similar to the NAMES exposition. Art Volz, Stewart Murphy, and Dennis Cranston agreed to join Ronald Blair in the formation of an exploring committee to research the possibility of sponsoring a club show.

Alan May discussed the pros and cons of incorporation of the club. There appeared to be little interest in incorporating at this time.

Feature Presentation

Cupola Furnace

Video by Steve Chastain

Additional narrative by Dennis Cranston

This video showed the lining, charging, and firing of a small, back yard cupola furnace.

The production of molten cast iron appeared to be a hot, dirty and tiring experience. This cupola used clay plugs for tapping the molten iron and a clay spillway dam to manage the slag buildup. A forced air blower together with coke was employed as the heat source.

Special thanks to Jim Miller for managing to make the audio work on the VCR.

Show and Tell

Joe Williams tested the membership by asking for an identification of a kingpin reamer used on older Ford vehicles. Of course, the senior membership well remembered this once common tool. He also showed the utility of using tough strong auto push rods as a leverage cheater for a large drill chuck key.