Journal of the Home Metal Shop Club of Houston,

President - Vance Burns,

V. Pres.- Dennis Cranston,

Treasurer - Tom Moore,

Secretary - Dick Kostelnicek


Membership Information

Membership is open to all those interested in machining metal and tinkering with machines. The purpose of the club is to provide a forum for the exchanging of ideas and information.  This includes, to a large degree, education in the art of machine tools and practices.  There is a severe shortage of written information that a beginning hobbyist can use.  This makes an organization such as this even more important.

June Meeting Minutes

Tropical Storm Allison preempted the June meeting. We could give Dennis Cranston credit for scheduling the meeting to conflict with the storm, however, I don't think even Dennis has that kind of forward vision. I hope everyone managed to stay dry. I know Art Voltz had some water in his shop but I have not received any reports about how bad it got or of any other members who were affected.

At the July meeting we will elect officers for the next twelve months. Several days ago Vance put out a plea for volunteers for the officer slots. If you would like to have an impact on how the club is run please accept the challenge. This is a commitment for twelve meetings.  I think there are a number of people who would do an excellent job. There is not a person in the club who is incapable of filling one of the positions. Please be a drop out from the group who come to meetings with the expectation that someone else is responsible for entertaining them for several hours per month and accept the commitment to participate as an officer for the next twelve months.

I conjunction with the elections let's take the time to recognize the outgoing officers. At the next meeting take the time to personally thank them for their year of service to the club.  When they were elected they didn't have the time to serve; however, they managed to find the time to handle the club business in addition to their own.


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