South Bend Lathe

Volume 6, No 10  October, 2001

President - Dennis Cranston 

Treasurer - John Hoff 

Web Master - Dick Kostelnicek

Vice President - Tom Moore 

Secretary - Ed Gladkowski 

Editors - David Whittaker

Keith Mitchell, Jan Rowland 

Membership Information
Membership is open to all those interested in machining metal and tinkering with machines. The purpose of the club is to provide a forum for the exchanging of ideas and information. This includes, to a large degree, education in the art of machine tools and practices. There is a severe shortage of written information that a beginning hobbyist can use. This makes an organization such as this even more important.

September Business meeting:  Minutes are sent via email or postal mail to members.

Regular Meeting: Show and Tell:
Kostelnicek Steady

Dick Kostelnicek's Steady

Don’t Forget the Next Meeting !! 
Meeting are held on the second Saturday of the month at the Collier Library at 6200 Pinemont. The meetings start 1:00 PM. Our next meeting is scheduled for October 13, 2001. Bring in a project you’re been working on. 

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Collier Library